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Fleepit is a tool for converting your pdf catalogues, brochures or magazines into interactive HTML5 Flipbooks.

Frequently asked questions about our PDF to Flipbook converter

Q: How does Fleepit works ? Fleepit is a Full HTML Tools without Flash or any other private software.
It is a big advantage compare to old online platforms.
Fleepit transforms each page into image to create the Flipbooks.
Q: Online/Offline version ? With Fleepit, you can use your Flipbook either online on Fleepit or offline on your PC/Mac, on CD or USB and publish it on your website
As Fleepit is in HTML, you can easily modify the offline version as you like.
Q: Flipbook public ? If you click on "Keep this publication private", your Flipbook will be seen only by users using the URL of the Flipbook.
Q: Flipbooks online secure ? Fleepit Servers are located in France, totally redundant and highly secure and all Flipbooks are backup every days.
Q: Never received my Flipbook ? Depending on load and the type of PDF, it can take from few seconds to minutes to convert and deliver a Flipbook.
If you didn't receive your Flipbook, your email provider may have intercepted the email, so please add contact@fleepit.com to your trusted contacts.
Q: RGB or CMYK PDF ? RGB Colors are the colors of the web, so RGB PDF is the good choice.
CMYK Colors are the colors of the print, so some Colors may be altered or brighter on the web.

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